Updated: Jun 24, 2020

I just came across this global #WhatIf campaign a few days back and read #WhatIf's by a lot of people including that of some kids and also of leaders across various domains. I must say all of them filled me with so much hope and positivity!

You can get the details of the campaign here - https://whatif-global.com/

I too thought of it and thought of being a part of it, so I just randomly wrote some!

Sharing the same!

#WhatIf Gratitude becomes the new normal!

#WhatIf Sympathy is replaced with Empathy!

#WhatIf Everybody keeps things simple!

#WhatIf Everybody thinks of "being kind" and "Just being nice" to anybody and everybody!

#WhatIf It is more about being responsible and not about blaming!

#WhatIf it was not about what others think, more about what you think - is important!

#WhatIf it was not about the background you belong and purely about your talent!

#WhatIf it was less about "Me" and more about "Us"!

#WhatIf common sense would be more common!

#WhatIf Everybody considers duties as important as rights!

#WhatIf growth and improvement were defining factors of ones learning and not competition of grades!

#WhatIf what your want takes precedence over what everybody else is doing or thinks is the right thing to do!

#WhatIf It is taught to cherish the failures and not laughed upon!

#WhatIf listening is given as much importance as expressing!

#WhatIf people accept you as you are with all your flaws!

#WhatIf Social media is a space to share and collaborate and not a space full of trolls and proxy judges!

#WhatIf Real Life is considered more crucial and relevant than the "Reel" Life!

#WhatIf Peace and Prosperity overpowers the quest for Power and superiority!

#WhatIf it was not about "Men" or "Women" but more about Human!

#WhatIf Roti, Kapda, Makaan, Internet, Health Facilities and Education become the new basics!

#WhatIf Education and not Literacy is given more importance!

#WhatIf there were no schools, only learning spaces!

#WhatIf it is more about life skills and less about syllabus!

#WhatIf money did not define access to an excellent learning and opportunities!

#WhatIf children have a say on what they want to learn!

#WhatIf everybody has the option of making choices!

#WhatIf not everybody just preaches but also lives what is being preached!

#WhatIf love,respect and compassion are not only taught but also lived with!

#WhatIf Happiness becomes the measure of Success!

#WhatIf Everybody is a Leader without title!

I could go on and on - this is not about finding flaws but just a way to re-imagine the world as you want it to be!

Be a part of this campaign and share your #WhatIf - I would love to read all of them!

#WhatIf #education #inclusive #equity #equal #inspired #motivated #leaders #goals #change #newsystem #leadership #togetherwecan #Corona #PostCovid #Positivity #Hope #Love #reimagine

Happy Writing! Happy Learning!

Stay Safe and Take very good care of yourself and your loved ones!

Keep Smiling!

Love - Mitali

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