Using "Snipping Tool"

  • This blog is intended to help you use the windows “Snipping Tool” which is already present in your windows system.

  • Windows also provide for ‘Print Screen’ option where in you can copy the entire screen and use it (as we have done in the document)

  • But if you want to use only a specific part of the image and do not wish to use editing tool you can easily using this powerful tool to snip out image from any accessible location in your computer.

  • If the size of the image/document matters then this tool is very helpful as it reduced the size considerably. You can also use the app to edit the image too.

  • The image can be from a google search or any application in the system. The application along with simple copy-paste also allows you to edit pictures and modify them.

  • In the document we are using the tool to snip an image from google search and paste in a word document. You can paste the image in a presentation or any other editable space. Once you learn it, we shall further explore other options too!

Check the document for step wise explanation.


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