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The newly married man | The Buck’ets stop here.

Life has been easy on me for most parts. I had a good childhood, got the best education I deserved and landing my first job took was struggle-free. So, for a person like me who if tries to pen an autobiography would write a pamphlet instead of a book, as that would suffice. I do see that as a problem and to add some excitement, I fell in love with someone and since I go to extremes, I decided to get married. And, you not just get married, you must move to a better place because somehow bringing your newly-wed wife to a 1BHK apartment shared by 3 other guys is scorned upon by this society. Crazy rules. I follow rules. So, I got this nice new place which was beyond my savings and earnings on rent. As Peter Parker’s aunt once said; with a great place comes greater furnishing. And, being a responsible person, I took it upon myself to fill the place with utilities especially considering that the deposit and rent were paid by my beautiful partner. Yes, I am a lucky bastard. But, my luck ends here. Among other little things, I got three buckets and mugs for our two decent sized bathrooms. I have lived in rented apartments for about a decade and have bought buckets with a conscious effort that matches how Salman Khan decides his movie scripts. If the buckets seemed ok and could hold weight, l would buy it. I did nothing different here. With excitement and hope for an appreciation note from my fiancé, I bought these prized possessions, and waited for her joy when she saw them. As you might have guessed already, she wasn’t overly impressed. The buckets did not have matching mugs. I couldn’t have imagined this in my entire lifetime. I have never noticed a matching mug. Ever. Aesthetics is a matter of choice and I see people paying more for better looking and better designed products. Why else would any sane person buy an iPhone but I can’t imagine that being applied to a place where people relieve their waste or get rid of their dirt. I can’t fathom a reason as to why a product designed to hold water and if needed carry it across some distance would also needs to be matching to its sub-product. I don’t expect you to notice the buckets in my loo. I merely want you to flush after you use my bathroom but apparently, mug colours matters. We aren’t sure about black lives but as far as mug colours go, I am 100% positive. That wasn’t all. The bucket on its own wasn’t pretty. Oh! I don’t know why. I see them as pretty as any other bucket there. I don’t judge a bucket by its look. It is the plastic inside that matters to me but you see not all of us have that good a heart. My fiancé judges buckets on their looks. This information came to me a touch too late and my family says that a wedding can’t be cancelled for such a lame reason so I must suck it up, and be a man about it. That translates to suck it up always. So, a bad looking bucket has no place in our bathroom. It is a no-go. So, all the people out there. I wish I had a better ending to this rant but I have given you something more valuable. A pro tip. Before buying things for your home which you and your partner would both use (regardless of how mundane an object it is), it is better to confirm. Use all that technology at your disposal and send a picture irrespective of all the judgement filled looks the salesman is going to you. Trust me, it will be worth the effort.

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