Recipe # Sooji Halwa

Well who doesn't carve for something sweet, what better than to know that you can cook something as yum as sooji ka halwa in a jiffy!

Generally people make it as a part of prasad and eat it during their fast but we say why to wait for some occasion to have it :D

We share you a quick recipe, try it and you will love it even more!


1. Sooji/Rawa - 1 Cup

2. Sugar - 1/2 Cup (depends on how sweet you would want to have it, vary content accordingly)

3. Full cream Milk/Water - 1 cup ( you can use any of them, it tastes equally yummy :D check steps for details)

4. Elaichi/ cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp

5. Ghee -1/2 cup melted

6. Dry Fruits (chopped)

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1. Heat ghee in a pan and add sooji once heated, mix well and roast it until color changes to light brown (be careful of not burning it) - keep the gas flame low and stir continuously for better taste!

2. Once desired color is achieved, add elaichi powder and mix

3. Add Sugar (as per taste) and mix well and then add milk to it.

**Add milk according to your desired consistency!

4. Stir continuously and keep the flame low to avoid splutter, keep mixing until desired consistency is achieved.

5. Add chopped dry fruits of your choice and serve hot :)

NOTE : You can even heat milk and add sugar to it and use the sweet milk directly to add to the roasted sooji. If using water heat it with sugar until the sugar dissolves and then use it.

Do try and let us know if you like it :)

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