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Who doesn't like Poha! Well we guess there may be a few people but for the rest poha is simply the best breakfast option!

It is tasty and fulfilling!

The taste of poha varies from region to region, most famous being the Indori poha,kanda poha at places and many more.

Our recipe is a mix of a few, we don't have a name to it but can ensure it would taste great!

So here is how we make it -

Poha Recipe


Note -

  • The ingredient quantity is good to serve 2 people.

  • Poha varies in thickness, if the poha you are using is very thick then it is advised to keep it socked in water(equal to the quantity of poha) for some time and drain the water. If the poha is too thin and ensure that it is simply drained with water. This is mainly done to ensure softness.

  • We prefer using less oil, you may use more if you wish to.

  • We do not put chilli, instead we serve the poha with spicy ratlami sev, which kind of makes it up. If you wish to make it spicy then add green chilli to it. Adding red chilli powder won't give you the desired greenish colour.

  • The poha we make is a bit sweet, you can use less sugar.

  • It is important, for making soft poha and getting the required flavour , to steam it for some time. This we do simply by sprinkling some water at the end and covering the pan.

  • Finally, you can serve it with raw onion over the top or add anar daana for better look and to add some more sweetness.

Here is a step by step recipe with pictures-


Do try it and let us know if you liked it!

We absolutely love the taste, but we are aware that there are many ways to make it. If you wish to share any new recipe do write to us on

Happy Cooking!

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