Product Review # Whirlpool 240L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator(FP 263D Protton Roy,Mirror White)

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

We wanted a big spacious refrigerator, so we started searching for the best fit in our budget!

After a detailed analysis of various available options we finalised the beautiful looking,triple door Whirlpool 240L Frost free refrigerator.

Our Requirements which were met -

1. Spacious - which it perfectly is! This triple door refrigerator caught our attention because of a separate vegetable compartment! We can perfectly compartmentalise all our grocery,dairy products and other items.

2. Energy Efficient - We were clearly looking for a 5 star rated product, this requirement was also ticked. The refrigerator consumes less power than taken by a CFL

3. Inbuilt Stabiliser - Most of the electronic product usually have this feature, but we were specifically looking for it and we got it!

4. Design - Well looks do matter! This one has won the best deign award 2015 which it justifies. The best part is that it is tall and consumes less width wise space which is very suitable for small kitchens. The leathery finish in the sides just add to it already awesome look!!

5. Frost free and Quick chill - Who won't want this? It is really quick!

6. Brand - What better than a trusted one Whirlpool

Add Ons we were pleasantly surprised of

1. Finger print fee exterior - Oh! That is such an awesome feature...a white fridge not getting dirty because of your finger prints..what else do you want?

2. The Deli Zone - to store your dairy products,chocolates etc , this separation is really useful and keeps the items in their best condition.

3. The twist ice tray - Not that we were not aware of, but this feature we really liked!

What didn't meet our expectations -

1. The Vegetable compartment though helps well with separation and gives us the required space but the moisture retention technology doesn't work well with all the vegetables. They could be kept good only for 3-4 days. Moreover, we were informed that the kit to keep it the active fresh zone needs to be changed every 6 months! Apart from the space, we didn't find it to be that useful.

Also the rack is less spacious than what we expected it to be!

2. The side bottle racks can hold only 2 big 1 Lt bottles mainly because of the other side racks provided.

We have been using this for last 3 months and we don't have any reasons to complaint!

It was purchased online through Amazon, with its amazing service they delivered it properly and well on time, we even got some amazing discount!!

The installation guy came the very next day post receiving the unit and he explained all its functions in detail.

Overall we loved the product and would recommend the same!

Made your mind to buy it online?

Want to share your thoughts on the same or want to submit your reviews on any products and share them? Write to us on

Happy Shopping!

-Learning Sutras

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