Peanut Chat Recipe!

Crispy,tangy chats give your taste buds ultimate pleasure!

A Peanut chat not only tastes #delicious but it is #healthy too..! What else does one want ;)

We give you a quick recipe with a beautiful way to serve it -


1. Peanut (Roasted and peeled) - 100 grms

2. Finely Chopped Onion - 1 medium size

3. Finely Chopped Tomato - 1 medium size

4. Grated Carrot - 1 small

5. Finely Chopped Cucumber - 1/4 cup

6. Finely Chopped Green chilli - 1 small

7. Lemon juice

8. Chaat Masala - 1tsp

9. Oil - 1 tsp

10. Haldi powder - 1/2 tsp

11. Hing - pinch

12. Red chilli powder - 1/2 tsp

13. Salt - to taste

14. Black Pepper powder - 1/2 tsp

15. Ratlami sev - Optional

16. Papad - 1 small (for serving)

**Use quantity & ingredients according to your taste!



1. Take 100 grams peanut (Microwave/Roast for 4-5 mins until cover peels off easily, stir occasionally to avoid over cooking).

Finely chop onion,tomato,cucumber and green chilli, grate carrot and cut half a slice lemon.

2. Use cloth to peel off peanut cover easily!

Dust the peel off and transfer the peanuts to a bowl

3. Heat a pan - Add few drops of oil, add hing, haldi and red chilli powder.

4. Add the peeled peanuts and mix, then add Black pepper powder.

5. Now, add salt according to the quantity of peanuts and mix. Keep it on low flame to 2 mins.

6. In a bowl, transfer the peanut, add chopped vegetables.Add Salt and Chat Masala!

7. Now add few drops of lemon juice to add tangy flavour!

Taste it and vary quantity of other spices as well according to your preferred taste!

8. Optionally add 'Ratlami Sev' to give it additional crunch!

9. For Serving the chat -

Heat a tawa. Cut a papad in to 2 pieces and place in on the tawa. Roast the papad properly using a cloth!

10. When roasted, fold the papad while they are hot, place them in separate glasses!

Ting :D

Your peanut chat is ready to serve!

Just put the prepared chat in the glasses with papad and serve it!

Watch the video on YOU TUBE - CLICK HERE

Happy Cooking!

-Learning Sutras

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