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Jezebel: Chapter 3

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

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Chapter 3: The Secret

Recap: Raman, Abhimanyu’s father confronts him about his carelessness. Abhimanyu tells him that his brother Parikshit committed suicide, and would not help with the case. Saman talks to Arthur about how he has been with him for years, and his Talisman infuses them together. Jezebel calls Abhimanyu to her house to seduce him into loving her. They both sit on stairs and talk about feelings.

6 Months ago.

“What do you mean ‘Rejected the offer’?” said Jezebel, sitting at the dining table in her house.

“I can never politicize my poems Jez, they think they can just throw a wad at my face and I’ll start wagging my tail?” said Arjun, who sat facing her.

“If you don’t, then someone else will

Doesn’t matter, Plaza is not the only place booking poets.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot poets are overwhelmed by flood of offers and gigs” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

“What do you mean Jez?” Arjun said in a low voice.

“I have been in your place Arjun, do you think I just keep blabbing about who I am when investors come around at office?” raising her voice she said, “I do what I do to keep the wheel rolling

“I’d rather stop the wheel than fuel it with deceit” he said while serving his plate.

No one cares Arjun!” she sprung up from her seat.

Arjun stopped serving. She could see the dismay on his face. ‘This is the real world’ she thought with a sense of guilt.

“You used to care” he looked up to her and said, “or was it just a lie as well Jez.

They both looked at each other, knowing this wasn’t just about a gig. She sat again with her hand on forehead.

“I love you Arjun, with all my heart I do. You’re the only person I’ve met who’s genuinely good. I don’t know if you know how much living with you forever means to me.”

Arjun held her hand and said, “I know, and I know you only mean my well-being. It’s just that I don’t want to give birth to that devil inside who hates himself for the facade he has created.

“At what cost?” she enquired with tears in her eyes.

Arjun stood up, turned towards the door and just before leaving he said, “I love you for who you are Jez.”

Jezebel sat there, thinking about what he just said. How he was the one who encouraged her to open an NGO and do what she always wanted to do. Contemplating on her days of constant drug abuse before she met him. Unaware of the fact that this was probably the last time she was ever going to see him.

Her phone buzzed an hour later.

‘Arjun Calling’

She picked it up.

With utter devastation and haste he said “Only you can destroy him! You have to kill Saman! He’s….” a loud scream erupted from her phone.

Present day:

He looked down and said, “Maybe, knowing those hands will forever be together.

Sudden remorse jarred her. “Maybe” she said.

They both held hands, their eyes met, silence cut through their hearts.

She leaned in.

‘I love you for who you are Jez’ Arjun’s voice kept banging her head. She could feel the pill in her hand warming up. ‘This is not me, this won’t work, just like the last time’ she thought, disgusted in herself. He came in close to her, only to hug her. Even before she could process what had happened, she felt warm tears on her shoulder. Passion and fervour rushed through her body, she felt respect and compassion. Jezebel once used to think she would never feel that again.

She gently held Abhimanyu’s head, wiping away his tears. “It’ll be alright Abhi” she said, smiling all the while, though a bit confused.

He stood up, with a gentle smirk he said, “I’ll leave now”

Jezebel nodded. He paced down the stairs and went out. Still sitting on the icy stairs she thought, ‘Arjun would’ve liked him’ unknown to the fact that his bike’s key lay beside her.

“Chop chop meek mortal” Saman appeared behind her. Mist of repugnant odour followed.

Jezebel turned around in shock and said, “The hell are you doing here!”

Saman hovered close to her, his red talisman cleared murkiness of his advent. “Why is the pill still in your hand and not in his gut? You can do it again Jezebel.

“He cannot love what he hasn’t seen” she continued after a brief pause, “his death would be in vain as well.

“What does a man love, if not cravings of the flesh?”

“Get to the point.”

Arthur was seeing all this, like an observer behind the talisman. Saman continued, “You know you only have a day left. Get me a life that loves you, and get another which did.” his maniacal laugh ensued.

“I know. Who knew a monster like you will bring my love back and not kill him?

“Call me monster one more time, and lose everyone you love” Saman continued, “call him to your NGO, little kids will melt his heart, and after tomorrow, I will.

Jezebel raised her eyebrow, “Is this what Arjun got?” she was steaming with rage, a tear of raw anger rolled down. “You degenerate psycho! What did he ever do to deserve this!” she screamed out her lungs. She suddenly felt pressure around her neck, Saman was choking her.

‘Is this what love feels like?’ thought Abhimanyu, still warm. Just outside her house, sitting on the bike he looked up and said, “I hope you’re happy.” he sighed and thought ‘Parik bhai, I know I wasn’t the best brother, certainly not a good listener’ he chuckled only to have life taken out of his laugh immediately, ‘maybe if I did, world would not be shit hole it is now.’

He checked his pockets and thought, ‘Damn! how did it get out!’ he rushed inside, knowing well the entry password.

“You petty, pathetic, meek human!” Saman said as the black cloud grew “I am the destruction of your world, the sole survivor of hell.” Arthur said “What the hell are you doing” which was inaudible to Jezebel. Saman continued, “You dare talk down to me? I have eaten countless souls, I feed on your meek misery, your torment.”

Jezebel was choking, her voice gave up as she tried in vain to relieve herself.

“You are nothing but a self-loathing mortal who begs for love she never got. You want to know who killed your dear Arjun?”

Jezebel became restless, she was going to pass out.

“It was none other than your ‘Beloved Father’” said Saman, erupting to a demoniac laugh. Jezebel grunted in shock.

Someone opened the main gate.

“Open your ears Jezebel. Kill the guy in 24 hours, you know what will happen if..”

“Hey!” Abhimanyu shouted from behind. He had never seen something like this in his life. A giant black cloud with a shining red center. He immediately rushed upstairs to help Jezebel and said, “Leave her alone!” as he reached closer to her, Saman loosened his grip over her and rushed inside the house.

Abhimanyu held her in his arms. “Hey are you alright, can you hear me?

“List….listen to me abhi…” she said, barely enunciating.

“Who was he? Who does he want you to kill? Is he gone? Let me take you to your room” he picked Jezebel up and carried her to the bedroom. Her jet-black hair hung down his arms.

“He’s gone, leave right now Abhi. Leave!” Jezebel said before passing out.

“What the hell were you thinking!” Arthur asked Saman.

“You dare question me?”

“Quit your games Saman. My daughter is not your playfield” Arthur said, his voice filling the dark room.

“She is falling in love again; this was the only way” Saman said.

“I have seen you kill without flinching, sin without thinking, why Arjun!

“Because” Saman turned around and said, “he knows the secret of immortality, after tomorrow, he’ll be reduced to ashes.”

Shock jolted down Arthur’s body, he said “You are demonic. My daughter is not your pawn

“Yes, Jezebel is not my pawn, you are.

To be continued....

Maitrish Jain

Next chapter: 02/09/19

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