What to do during Janta Curfew!

Our Honorable PM has requested us to observe #Janta_Curfew tomorrow in order to break the chain of the #Corona widespread outside!

We have come across people already anxious of what would they do sitting at home.

But isn't that what you want to do all the time while working? Don't you always want to have that #MeTime? To sit back and relax! Tomorrow is your day! Make the most of it :)

As the word itself suggest Care for you, we thought why not suggest someways for the same!

Well all what we do these days when free is Binge watching on the OTT Platforms!

We don't blame you, there is such amazing content out there, you can definitely opt to watch them!

But If you want this day to be different, why not try any of these -

1. Oil your hair! YES, you read it right - remember your mother used to insist doing this all the time and as a child you just hated it, but now you know that it is important! Give yourself or your loved ones a good long champi and recall your childhood memories associated with it.

2. Take a long hot bath - you are nothing to rush for, relax and take a luxury bath! Play some music while bathing or let the bathroom singer in you come alive again. Just ensure you don't waste a lot of water - be conscious of the fact that most of us will be at home and wasting water may cause shortage especially if you live in apartments or have shared water tanks.

3. Make a Playlist - who does like listening to music - it is one the best way to relax, we listen to so many songs and with tons of apps we can play anything anytime but then a collection of your all time favorite songs will be of great help once you resume work and get back to your daily life. Trust us, you would thank yourself later!

4. Revisit the captured memories - Ahh, you click photos all the time these days but since they are so many and so easily accesible you don't generally look back at those. Today, take out the old albums,those folders in your hard disk, the college albums and the childhood memories, your marriage album, the videos just walk down your memory lane. You would definelty feel good about your life.

5. Call your cousins/relatives/friends - Though you may be in touch on whatsapp or FB, a common chat group but call krke baat krne ki baat hi kuch aur hai. Don't think much, just call up the person you feel like. You can also check your contact list and clean it up, remove unwanted contacts.

6. Check out your academic records - Seriously! This can make you feel so good about yourself, just check that folder you might have made - of all your certificates and those mark-sheets - if they were not that good then, feel proud of what you have achieved. If they were awesome then cherish your achievements! You would feel confident for sure.

7. De-Clutter - This is one thing you read often, it has therapeutic effect. Just take up any corner/drawer/almirah & start arranging it, rest will follow!

8. Play - Just recall all those indoor games you played during your summer holidays. Play carom,cards,uno,ludo,tic -ac-toe,name-place-animal-thing, book cricket, antakshari, sabdhpakadni - just any of those games and if you have a kid - introduce those amazing games to them.

9. Read - Well if you love it and were not getting enough time - you know you have it now! Try Binge Reading - it would be fun!

10. Cook - actually Cook Together - plan cooking recipes which take long - prepare for them and cook it with your partner/roommate/or even alone with your favorite song turned on! Just enjoy eating it together.

11. Do Nothing - Strange it may sound but just try and sit alone and do nothing, watch your thoughts, write down if you wish to, and just let them pass by. This is the most difficult thing to do and you cant do it for long. But take that time out for yourself, with yourself.

12. Plan - Just think of what is going on in your life, what else you want from your life. What more skills you want to develop, places you want to visit, life post retirement, chalk out a plan to achieve things you want to. Make a wish list if you want. Just anything you want to do. Just write them and plan further.

There are so many things that you can do, tomorrow you will get to know ke 14 hours bahut hote hai and you can do a lot with your time!

Don't forget to be at your balcony/door/window at 5 PM and clap or whistle or bang any utensil if you wish to, but do come out and express gratitude to all those working for us selflessly!

Stay at home. Be Safe. Take Care.

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