How to Create a Cloud

Cloud lets you save and share files, documents, pictures on the Interweb. You can share your files with other people. And you can use the cloud to backup your documents off your computer.

To create a cloud on Google Drive, you need a google Gmail account. If you don’t have a google account, you need to create one.

At Google go to Google Apps in the top right square of 9 dots, Then select Drive.

Click Go To Drive in the bottom left;

Sign in to Google with your gmail name and password;

To save files on the cloud, select New, Then File Upload;

Open your Documents, find a file you want, select it then click Open;

The file is uploaded to the cloud. It is that easy.

You can create folders in your cloud; click New, Then Folder;

Type in the name you want for the folder, then click Create;

You can move files into a folder;

Right click on the File, select Move to, then select the Folder.

Click Move. Or you can drag the file to the folder too, Select Move to confirm.

You can upload files into folders. Select and open the folder, then click New, File upload.

Navigate to the file you want, then click Open. It will upload into the folder on your cloud.

You can upload folders from your computer; Click on New, then Folder Upload;

Scroll down and select the folder you want, then click Upload;

You can upload the whole folder with all the files, click Upload.

You can delete files.

Select the file, then click the little Trash can icon Remove in the upper right,

You can also delete a folder by selecting it, then click the trash can.

To Share a Folder, Select the folder name, then click the little person head and shoulder with a plus sign in the upper right corner;

Or right click on the folder and select Share;

You can share it with specific people;

Type in the persons email address,

Or type in the first letters of their name, Select them from your dropdown Contacts, then click Done;

You can notify person you are sharing the folder with.

You can type in a message, then click Send, Share Folder. Or uncheck Notify people.

If you want them to only read your documents, Click down arrow next to Editor and check Viewer. Editor can modify documents on the cloud, be careful. Then select Save, Share;

Once you share a folder, the other person(s) can view the contents.

You can also Remove the person from the Share. Select the person email, then select the Viewer dropdown, then click Remove.

You can Share individual Files too. On the cloud select the file you want to share, then click the Share icon in the upper center, or right click the file and select Share.

Share Folder by link;

Select Get Shareable link.

Select Change to anyone with link;

Select Viewer, then click Done. Copy Link. Anyone with the link can access the shared folder.

You can send the link with email to someone, then they can access the file on your cloud.

And you can create a shortcut with the link.

For other people to access the share, they login to google, go to Google drive, Then in the left side menu, select Shared with me. Or use the link URL.

They can access the shared folder and files within. Double click the folder name and double click to open individual files in the folder.

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