Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone |Book 1|Chapter 1 - The Boy Who Lived - Text and Questions

Planning to teach #HarryPotter in your #literacy #class?

Here is a good news for you! You can find chapter wise #teaching #resources for the same in this #blog!

We are currently teaching #Harry_Potter #Book1 #HarryPotterAndThePhilosophersStone in our #classroom and the kids are in love with it :)

To make it fun and easier for our students we have used annotations, pictures, activities involving drawing the characters using their imagination, and ensured the class rigor we have included factual, inferential and critical thinking questions too!

The #Annotations are for

  1. #Characters

  2. #Facts/Information

  3. #Difficult_words

  4. #Events

  5. #Emotions

  6. #Making connections

We have divided the chapters - day wise for ease of #teaching as well as #reading and understanding!

Considering the importance of check for understanding to ensure our kids are on track, we have designed questions which we ask orally as quiz post the class and also give them to write the answers especially for the critical thinking questions.

We ensure a balance of #Factual, #Inferential as well as #CriticalThinking #questions along with stress on building #vocabulary.

As we teach this in our classroom, we can feel the #joy our kids experience.

When kids are eager to answer the questions - you know how much they enjoyed the same.

This is a #blockbuster for our #students and we are hopeful that slowly we would be able to improve the reading levels of our dear students which is the ultimate aim we are working hard for.

You can access the Chapter 1 #Workbook for FREE here

or directly #download the #pdf for #FREE!

Harry Potter - Book 1 - Chapter 1 WorkBook
Download PDF • 1.44MB

If you find the resource useful, do drop by a comment. Would love you get your #feedback on the same.

Do share in your #experience of teaching or reading Harry Potter!



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