Here is a glimpse of my classroom!


It is Class 6 in a government school in Pune - a virtual space no less than a classroom!

It has been only 5 months into this, they have been so eventful that it feels like years - certainly a roller coaster ride!

Times where I felt extremely proud of myself to times when I was hit by the reality of the education crisis, really hard!

The experience has been overwhelming mostly - but one moment of magic, that spark in one kid of yours, that one ray of hope - makes everything worth it!

I made this video as a part of some admin work in our school,while watching it again - I just felt a lot of emotions.

During our institute, we were taught about the values at teach for India and we discussed in length about SOPO i.e. sense of possibility and in my class today, of whatever I hope for, what keeps me going is actually a sense of possibility!

At times I am irritated by the process, by spaces and support when not required, by the focus on data, by lack of ownership and a lot of things but there are moments like these when I am simply thankful - for this opportunity of a lifetime - of being able to be an enabler - of being able to be a teacher - of being able to be in a classroom with my kids.

Visit www.teachforindia.org to know more about the fellowship opportunity at teach for India.

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