Learning Sutras - Confused

Like many times, here I am still confused,

about almost everything I want to do,yet I don't want to,

I still plan to plan out and start working towards my dreams, my goals,

but why do I always want to start from tomorrow?

I have all what I want to, I can purchase all what I wish to,

I know my desires,I understand my needs

I know how to achieve it - But here I stand still confused as to how I do I start working towards it daily?

I have my issues, my problems and I also know that only I can find a solution

I know that it is only me who has to work for them - It is only me who can help me out!

I have some very common things to do - I have to keep myself fit, earn some money, be independent, work like there is no tomorrow, take care of myself, spend time with my family, I want to rest and relax, go on a holiday, cook good food, be happy, to spend some time alone, listen to good music, to watch the sunset and the sunrise, to breath, to love and be loved, to have trill and excitement, to ride a bicycle, to dance like nobody is watching, to talk to friends and share my feelings, to write a journal, to read a good book and drink some good coffee, to laugh out loud, to just do those small little things!

All what I want I can do it anytime

It is only me who has to find time, it is just for me to decide!

All what I want is almost the same as many of us do

All what we want to achieve are the little things which can be easily done.

But like always, here I stand confused - because if it is this simple and can be done now, why I don't do?

Why do I wait for a tomorrow to call and talk, to go on a holiday to watch the sun sets, to wake up early to breath and meditate, to have someone to understand and love..

Why can't I do it now and by myself?

Why I am confused and think about being happy - Why am I not happy now?

Why the simple is what gives me the joy, and yet I complicate

Why is it so that whatever I achieve, a good night sleep is what can satisfy!

Like many times earlier, why do I stand confused

Why don't I just do what I want to do?

Why when I know what to do, I don't?

Why do I still stand confused when all what I want I can do!


P.S. - Nothing has happened to me, these are just words, expressing what I at times of generally think of! ;) :D

Thank You!

- Mitali Badkul

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