Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide, also called Co2, is a significant Greenhouse Gas that contributes to Global Warming. Co2 emissions come from burning Fossil fuels in cars and Industrial plants.

But Carbon Dioxide has received kind of a bad rap in recent decades. Trees and other Plants need Carbon Dioxide to breathe. And a certain amount of greenhouse gasses is needed in the air to keep the planet warm enough. But we do not need too much Carbon Dioxide in the air, or the Earth overheats, like what’s happening now.

Co2 levels in the atmosphere around the world today are over 400 parts per million, PPM. Before human industry in the 19th century, the Carbon Dioxide level was about 280 ppm. During the Ice age, it was around 180 parts per million. So we do need some greenhouse gas to keep the climate from getting too cold. Without Carbon Dioxide in them air, the Planet would freeze into a large Ice ball and all plant life in the world would suffocate and die. Humans and animals exhale Carbon Dioxide and Plant life breaths it in. Plants exhale Oxygen, which we then breathe in. Plants convert Co2 into oxygen, which the process is called Photosynthesis. So we can’t just suck all the Carbon Dioxide out of the air. That would be a Catastrophe. The better answer is to capture excess Co2 at the source. There are new technologies to combat the release of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

The good news is There are Emerging Technologies for dealing with Carbon Dioxide:

Carbon Capture is a technology that allows the collection, storage or reutilization of Co2 in Industry. The gas can be stored underground. There is Carbon Capture and Storage, CCS, Carbon Control and Sequestration Also Carbon Capture and Utilization, CCU. Carbon Dioxide can be reused to help plant life growth in farming. Some power companies and other organizations are starting to use Carbon capture to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Carbon Dioxide can be filtered with a type of sponge. Carbon Dioxide scrubbers are used in Space craft, airplanes, submarines and Industrial plants to remove Co2 from the air. On the Apollo 13 mission in 1970, they had to assemble make shift scrubbers to remove the Carbon dioxide from the space capsule interior. So the technology has been around for a long time. The issue is disposing of the filters filled with carbon.

New Technology; Scientists at RMIT University in Melbourne Australia have discovered a way to Convert Carbon Dioxide into a solid form like coal. Solid carbon could be reused for different applications, or buried in the ground where it came from originally. NASA has a technique to convert Co2 into fuel using Solar power. Carbon Dioxide could be used to make plastic, fabric, furniture and drugs. Carbon is also used in Electronic resister components.

Scientists at the University of California have found that Co2 can be converted to Oxygen with a laser. Carbon Farming involves taking Co2 out of the air and putting it back into the ground. More Carbon dioxide in the soil helps farm crops to grow better. A number of farms in California are participating to help demonstrate the value of putting carbon back into the soil.

We need to move away from burning Carbon fuels and switch to cleaner, alternative energy sources like Wind, Solar power and Electric vehicles. We Must Stop burning fossil fuels and halt putting too many greenhouse gasses into the air, if we are going to slow the global effects of Climate change in our lifetime. We will still have plenty of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere naturally from animals breathing, without spewing out tons of it from cars and Industrial plants. I am looking for people who are Eco Friendly. I'm making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out whos naughty and whos nice, to the Environment that is.

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