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Updated: Oct 16, 2019

PICTURE SOURCE : SAGAR(MP) Facebook group page

A city like so many others, yet unique in its own ways!

A place very close to my heart as this is the place I was born and brought up at - here I have spent the most beautiful days of my life and I continue to do so whenever I visit my home!

Sagar was the centre of undivided India, It still remains somewhere where the heart lies!

This soon to be a #smart_city is located on a spur of the Vindhya Range and 1750 ft above sea-level.The city is situated around 180 Kms from the state capital Bhopal and is accessible through Railways and Road transport.

For those who haven't even heard about the place, let me start with telling you that Sagar, a district in MP was declared the safest town in India as per one of the 'ease of living' government report published in August 2018 (click link to read the article) and I am so very proud of the fact! It is one of the major districts of MP and like all other wonderful places in India, this small little city too has a lot to offer!

Surrounded by hills all side, the city has a beautiful lake, namely The Lakha Banjara lake with its associated folklore, in its centre.

Believe me or not, but when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru visited Sagar for the first time to inaugurate a Library named after him in Dr Harisingh Gour University , it was raining and he compared Sagar with Switzerland. Though I have never been to Switzerland, yet like many others I too feel that the comparison was a bit exaggerated, what he said was - ' Sagar is the Switzerland of MP' to be precise!

He may have his own reasons, but I too have my own to love this heart of Bundelkhand.

The city still is developing - stuck between holding on the wonderful lifestyle of the past and catching up with the fast paced present ,literacy here is as par with the National average , & people here still prefer a simple lifestyle.

The demographics in the town is affected by migration, like many other tier-2 and tier-3 cities in India. The locals speak Bundelkhandi, but if you know Hindi, you would easily survive.

Sagar cantonment area adds to its pride.(Saugor as they name it)

It has also got many educational institutes, prominent among are around 112 year old St. Joseph Convent Sr. Secondary School, The Army School,Vatsalya,MRC,DPS,KV, Indira Gandhi Engineering College,Sagar University with its Pharmacy department among the best in India.

It has also got many places in and around which are worth visiting!

Let me list down a few spots, things and food that makes me love my city & would also help you know it to some extent!

Sagar Lake

This is the Soul of the city, also called the Lakha Banjara Lake.

Established in early 1100 AD, - the beautiful lake ends up forming a small ghat with temples at chakraghat in the old city area.

The authorities came up with an amazing concept of Rahgiri along side the lake, on Sunday morning people can come up here and enjoy various road side food, beautiful scenic walk, music and dance along with participating in some competition being held. Quite a fun concept...isn't it?

On other days, you can enjoy a scenic boat ride!Also to let you know there is a small cruise ride that you can do for mere 100Rs enjoy the scenic view of the lake and the migratory birds coming over.

Dr Harisingh Gour University

This university defines the city, it is the most precious jewel in the crown! Founded by Dr. Harisingh Gaur in 1946 from his private capital, at the time of its establishment, it was the 18th University of India.

It is the only university in the country to be established by donating one person. It has been given the status of Central University since 2008.The Jawaharlal Nehru Library is located in its campus.

Located on hills, it has one of the most beautiful complexes in the country. The university is not only the prime educational hub but also one of the most favourite morning & evening walk places, it gives the complete view of the city.

Osho (Acharya Rajneesh) is one of the Alumini of the University among others like Jain muni Kshamasagar maharaji, Actors Ashutosh Rana,Mukesh Tiwari,Govind Namdev, Hindi poet,journalist & short story writer Uday Prakash etc


The Rajghat dam built on Bewas River provides water to the city along with being a beautiful picnic spot for the residents. It is easily accessible via road.

There are various small vendors selling 'garma garam bhutta' and 'chai' which you can purchase and enjoy the beauty around.

Shivshakti Dham

A 71-ft Shivshankar statue and 12 Jyotirlingas set on Sindhu Nagar Khurai Road is a perfect location for some spiritual retreat. The beautiful idol will mesmerise your eyes and give you immense peace and pleasure.

“Dayasagar” (Ocean of Mercy)

A 43-feet tall statue of Divine Mercy of Jesus, which local people call “Dayasagar” (Ocean of Mercy), stands along the National Highway 26, 15 Km west of Sagar city in the village called Khajuria Guru. It is India's tallest Jesus statue.

Bishop Abraham Viruthakulngara, who spoke at the function, reminded people that Sagar in Hindi means sea. "A sea is made of drops of water. So is also Sagar. The little faith of each one can create an ocean of faith," he said.


Situated around 12Kms from Sagar on the hill of Bhainsha on Jhansi road Gadpahra is the perfect day outing place. It has ruins of old fort,the place being the capital of Dangi rulers. It is famous for its ancient Hanuman temple, located over a hill top, with a lot of monkeys to welcome you!


World's first idol made up of Brass in standing meditative posture measuring 11.25' of Bhagwaan Mahavir is installed here. There are 2 temples located on a small hill top easily accessible by road. A magnificent temple made up of glass adds to the charm of the place.

Abchand caves

This less known beautiful spot is located 35kms from sagar on damoh road and has a dozen shell caves. These caves are safe in the densely-bush area of ​​Abchand's protected forest in the valley of the river Gadhri. Cave Fair is held on the occasion of Makar Sankranti once a year, which brings in a lot of people here. A must visit place to reconnect with yourself and be one with nature!

Rahatgadh waterfall

Located around 40 Kms from Sagar in Rahatgarh town on Bhopal road, this waterfall is perfect to visit in monsoons. It is formed on the Bina River and is ideal for a family outing!

Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary

Located around 56kms from sagar city,It is the largest wildlife sanctuary of Madhya Pradesh state. This wildlife sanctuary is a part of 5500 km2 of forested landscape.

It is located in the centre of the state covering parts of Sagar, Damoh, Narsinghpur, and Raisen Districts.

The park is open from November to June. The best time to visit is winter i.e. November to February when it is not too hot and trees are still green. The sanctuary closes during monsoon from July till October to give trees and animals time to reacclimatize.

Rangir Temple

Harsiddhi Mata Mandir located in Rangir along side Dehar river. It is believed that the Goddess changes her form thrice every day- as a child at dawn, a young girl at mid day and a old women in the evening during navratri. Grand fairs also held in the months of Asvina and Chaitra. The Chaitra fair is an important one and large number of people visit the temple.

Other places to visit include -

** The Siddh Dham temple,

** Pili Kothi Dargah,

** Daata Darbaar,

** Shri Parsvanath Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra, Pateria (45 kms from sagar)

** Kundalpur

** Bya Eco Park (Pathariya Jaat Sagar)

** Varun Smriti Udhyan

** Mayur Bagh

** Joggers Park etc

Here are some pictures of the places in and around the city!

The Pictures are taken from multiple sources! Credits to who ever may have clicked them including myself!

L to R : Rajghat,Joggers Park,Deepali Hotel,Rangir,Rajghat,Sagar University,Mayur Bagh,Rajghat,Lake,Cruise on Lake,Rangir Temple,Rajghat

Let me also tell you that you will get ample yummy food/snacks/desserts for your taste buds!

1. Gujarati Namkeen/ Gunjan Namkeen - I bet, Once you eat it, you will always ask for more. There are a variety of namkeen available here, but the most famous of all is its Mixture!

2. Jamuna Mithiya ki Chironji ki Barfi - A sweet like this would fail any of your favourite, this barfi is Sagar ki Shaan! If you wish to taste it ensure you purchase it early morning or else you gotta wait for the next day..it solds out that soon!

3. Chaat & Fulki - I have been to so many places, and have tasted so many variety of chat and fulki but nothing beats the flavour here. You can find many vendors selling them through out the city, but I prefer eating them in the chaat street located in civil lines! You will keep asking for more!

You could dine out at Deepali Hotel, Paradise Hotel, Crown Palace, Royal Palace, Radha Krishna Resturant, Bollywood Cafe amoung others!

Other things to eat includes - Samosa & Jalebi, Poha, Rajasthani sweets ki Kachori, Mangodi, Shreenath Pao Bhaji, Satya Dosa...

oh well...I can keep writing on and on and on!

I am sure you guys must have got a glimpse of what the place has to offer!

Since, I want to tell the world about what my city has to offer in terms of tourism, I feel a bit disappointed because when I look around other cities & places I know that still a lot needs to be done in terms of developing tourism ecosystem in Sagar - making people aware of what there city hold in terms of tourism potential, developing infrastructure at par with other known destinations in MP itself including connectivity, promoting the amazing spots the city has etc etc...

I just hope, the future holds all the good!

Do visit!

Visit official website - https://sagar.nic.in/ for any information regarding Sagar.

For any other details regarding stay,food,travel etc, feel free to contact us at learningsutras@gmail.com we would be more than happy to help as much as we can!

Happy Travelling! Happy Exploring!

-Mitali Badkul

Learning Sutras

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