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Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Reading Self Help/Motivational/Self Development books is an art in itself.

These books are not just for plain reading but involves analysis,deep thinking,rigorous mental exercise and more than anything, for them to be effective, you need to have a strong belief in them working for you.

They require you to put in some sincere efforts in implementing the techniques suggested until they become a habit!

These books required a lot of YOU and once you start following them,they become your most valuable possession. They help you grow and become a better version of yourself.

We absolutely advocate them, but then there are people who do not believe in them or follow them and are still super happy, successful and at peace with themselves! That's amazing!

But for the rest, if you are interested, we recommend some beautiful titles that we absolutely love & swear by -

1.Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

This book published in 1937 is a CLASSIC! We believe it is an invaluable resource, it really is! One must definitely read it

  • It has earned the reputation of being considered a textbook for actionable techniques that can help one get better at doing anything.

  • The book details out the most fundamental questions that once bothered Mr. Hill - Why is it that some people manage to remain healthy, happy and financially independent, all at the same time? Why, after all, do some end up being called as lucky? The answers, no wonder, had to be no less than revelations.

  • · Think and Grow Rich teaches not just concepts but also methods. It is not a book that a reader can use for one time consumption. It has to be read one chapter at a time and in sequence.

  • This book has been like a guide to many writers and motivational speakers, being like a Bible to so many already, we are sure it would immensely be helpful for anybody who want to benefit from it.

NOTE : The book has been revised time and again and is available in various versions by multiple publishers.

2. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

It is like a handy little guide one must possess.

  • “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” From the fundamental techniques in handling people to the various ways to make them like you, this book offers insights on how to win people to your way of thinking; how to increase your ability to get things done; the ways to be a leader and change people without arousing resentment; and how to make friends quickly.

  • It is a timeless bestseller and one of the most relevant books in today’s times

  • It would help you learn many important life lessons not only helpful in your personal life but also very aptly suitable and required for your professional life too!

· Some other Books by the author -

3. The 7 Habits of Highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey

Stephen R. Covey is a genius we believe, all his books are amazing. More than anything this book is a great psychology teacher, this is what we think. The manner in which the book is written is very very effective. We love it and highly recommend it!

  • As the publishers say, It actually is an ideal guide to building your personality by altering your habits.

  • Habits make or break a man. If you want to know why you are not doing something right, sometimes all you need is to perform an analysis of your habits and consider altering them. Because sometimes it’s not about what you do, but more about how you do it!

  • This is a book that aims at providing its readers with the importance of character ethics and personality ethics.

  • Mr. Covey take the readers through the journey of character development and at the end leaves them with solid enriching content for self development.

Some other Book by the Author-

4. The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma

The title is really catchy, isn’t it? The book too is so! It is beautifully written and leaves you with many great tips and some hard hitting questions.

  • It is a revealing story that offers the readers a simple yet profound way to live life.In the book, the reader goes through a spiritual journey and it advocates about how to live happily, think deep and rightly, value time and relationships, be more disciplined, follow the heart’s call and live every moment of the life.

  • Through storytelling, Robin Sharma showcases the miracles and wonders of living a fulfilling life. In the process, the book introduces readers to enlightening yet simple principles that vouch to make life better, happier and more meaningful.

  • We love it for not only what it teaches but also because it takes you to a journey which is enchanting and beautiful.

5. The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma

This is Robin Sharma's latest release and gives you practical tips and implementation techniques to make yourself world-class! It literally even gives you a timetable to follow for the entire day to lead an amazingly productive and happy life!

  • This life-changing book will help you discover the early-rising habit that has helped so many accomplish epic results while upgrading their happiness, helpfulness and feelings of aliveness.

  • It depicts and enchanting story about two struggling strangers who meet an eccentric tycoon who becomes their secret mentor.

  • The book will walk you through, many methods ,tactics and techniques to help you lead a fulfilling, successful and a happy life!

Some other books by the Author -

Two more books which we would suggest are -

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When you read these books, you would find many things common in them, all the learnings give you some invaluable life lesson to implement and help yourself lead a fulfilling life.

There are many more such amazing titles available, do let us know your recommendations, we would love to read and learn from them!

Happy Reading! Happy Learning!

- Learning Sutras

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