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5 Best Food for healthy weight gain

Those who want to put up some weight this blog is for you!

Eating healthy food is the key to maintain healthy weight along with proper workouts!

Here I suggest 5 super-food for healthy weight gain -

1. Paneer

Paneer is a great source of protein 100gm contain around 25 gm of protein you can have it raw or you can fry it and have it with sauce.

2. Soyabean

It has highest amount of protein in it 100 gm contain around 30gm of protein but it also have Estrogen in it, so 50 gm of Soyabean is good.You can have soya chunks too they taste delicious and you can have them with rice or with salad.

3.Peanut Butter -

It is a great source of protein and yummy too!

It also has good amount calories to fuel you for your day.

2 slices of white bread and 2 table spoon on each one give you around 5-6 gm of protein and you are sorted then!

4. Sattu -

Its my favourite! its so delicious you can have it like a snack and you don't have to do anything just mix water and its ready to eat!

100 gm Sattu has 25gm of protein.

5. Sprouts -

You can make a serving of 100-150 gm of Rajma, Soyabean, Chana, Masoor ki dal or you can add anything you like! You can also boil them and mix vegetables and lime juice.

Its a good breakfast and it give on good energy and around 30 gm of protein.

BONUS - Almonds - Take 10 -12 almonds in a day, each have 1 gm of protein and also contain amino acid in it and it provides you energy too!

Hope this helps!

-Ritik Jain

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