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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

There are quite many things I remember from my childhood!

Like all other children I was curious and like many other children I too didn’t ask many questions!

I was rather the shy, reserved child, afraid of being judged - afraid of being termed stupid I suppose - but that was what it was!

Still there were some questions that constantly kept knocking my mind and with a lot of courage I used to ask them - but only to those I knew closely - one of which was and is still there is - 'Jab kuch bhi nhi tha universe me to kya tha? How did all of it started?' - they say it all started with a big bang and I quite agree but then what was there before the big bang?' Ahh well, I still tend to think about it , and trust me once you start thinking about this particular question you tend to get yourself into a viscous circle and you get lost - and this has happened to me many times, but like always I could never satisfy myself with any answer!

The second question was - 'why is it so that all the watches do always point to 10:10 - why particularly this is the default setting?' - I used to observe it every time I crossed any watch shop, back then! Indeed I remember, that it was the same case in advertisements of any wall clock or any picture of them in the paper - even today I find the same for any timepiece with its default setting!

One of the answer to this question I remember is that - when both the hands of the watch are at 10:10 they make a position similar to both our hands when we point towards the God !

I kind of agreed to it then and I remember it so well because I did buy the answer and started to believe that yes that’s the reason!

Then when I grew up and had access to internet - one of the first things I searched was this question itself!

It was interesting to read about so many other theories related to this particular question of mine - and they are as awesome as my own belief! LOL

The actual answer to this lies in the fact that 10:10 position is symmetrical and our brain tend to appreciate symmetry and orderliness and also they form the alphabet 'V' which is a symbol of victory!

Anyways, what matters is - It happens so with me that if any day I do notice my clock it is sure that I will look at it once when the time is 10:10 day or night - I don't know why?

I thought of writing this because today too I did watch the clock 10:10 AM and this clicked - it happened yesterday too and has happened many times before!

Not that I am trying to find any connection but for sure that our brain has it own mappings and it finds ways to make you notice a lot many things and weirdly you start relating to it or whatever it is!

You may have noticed it so many times that once you learn a new word and you start noticing it everywhere and with so many other things!

Our brain is so damn powerful - its like the key to everything you see, think, perceive, feel - if you can find ways to control your brain you can be anything you want! Wow! That’s fascinating and a very well known fact! However simple it may sound it isn't easy at all!

The point here is that all these questions - the curiosity - the why's - are so important and most of us just learn to ignore them - mostly of the fear of being judged - we just learn to believe that whatever is being told is right and it is the only way - we just limit our thinking - we limit ourselves - and those few who do not, are the people who actually do great things - they become the leaders - the inventors - they make discoveries and rest of us just follow!

Just like the above 2 there were many things I wanted to know and question about them but I didn't - the boon today is that you can simply search and get to know - you don't have to even ask it to anybody and that great - but then the most curious minds are that of children and they may not be directly able to search for their questions - it is then our responsibility to let there curiosity live!

I remember my masi was so patient with her kids - she used to answer each and every question they asked - even if they used to ask the same question repeatedly she would answer them without losing her temper and even pointing it out to them - Indeed one of my most favorite teacher - indeed the only one I know who is and was respected by all the students in our school was Biju Joseph Sir - he was a no nonsense person - but never has he ever lost his temper and declined to answer any question popped on him - he would repeat it as many times you ask and may be that is why we all liked him - that is why we all loved our chemistry classes - may be whatever good concepts of chemistry we have today is because of him and because we knew he would never decline or judge, we could ask questions to him!

Had there been more people like them, it would have been easier for children like us to question and develop a scientific temper - one as enshrined in our constitution as a part of Directive principles of state policy!

But I don't want to blame people or the circumstances which were not that conducive and enabling as they are today - I still should have asked them!

If given a chance of how differently I would have lived my life - I know for sure that I would have asked a lot many questions without having the fear of being judged and I think everybody irrespective of what age, of what people would think or however simple the question may seem - must ask questions! To everybody, for everything they are asked to believe!

And yes, it is equally important to answer questions of your child, of anybody who thrown them on you - if you don't know the answer - accept it and find it and enable a culture where asking questions is acceptable and good!

I am trying to do what I didn't then and hope I can keep the curiosity of my child alive!

I am sure most of us have many such questions - why not just discuss them! It would be fun to know - post/comment/DM/ping/mail - lets discuss them :)

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